Trio Pack


Trio Pack
Trio Pack Trio Pack Trio Pack Trio Pack Trio Pack

Get the Small, Medium, and Large Grypmats all together in the Trio Pack. This is for the Mr./Mrs. Fix it that has engine oil in their veins.

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  • INSANE GRIP: Arguably its most defining aspect, the Grypmat is built to stay. Its unique chemistry enables it to grip on to whatever surface it is placed on without sliding or falling, while still allowing for easy placement and removal. 
  • SURFACE PROTECTION: Using the Grypmat prevents scratches and dents on your beautiful paint job.
  • TOOL ACCESSIBILITY: Any tool, any time, and any place. The Grypmat is so versatile that you can have your tools where you need them, when you need them. 
  • FLEXIBILITY: Not only is the Grypmat extremely durable, but it also bends, folds, or rolls any way you need it to, always returning to its original shape. 
  • PREVENTS TOOL LOSS: With the Grypmat, your tools aren’t going anywhere.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Grypmat is made out of a polymer-silicone blend and has specific properties to make it resistant to all types of chemicals.
  • MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: The large and medium Grypmats contain a built in ruler.
  • FLAME RESISTANT: This one is pretty self explanatory. Catching on fire while working (a risk some mechanics face pretty regularly) is not good for productivity. 
  • ANTI-STATIC: It won’t stick to or get caught on any other surfaces, either, providing you with a safer and more convenient work environment for your electronics. 
  • NON-MAGNETIC: It won’t get stuck or be hard to remove from any metal, which eliminates the potential for damage to your projects and your tools.

Small Size


Medium Size

Large Size

Product Number: RFGM-TP3

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John Rice

Great product!

Very good experience, useful in many applications. all 3 sizes used constantly.

Dale Fanning

Love these

I purchased the trio pack at KOSH '18. Love these. I have a polished RV-9A and never have to worry about scratching the aluminum or any other surface. I use them every time I'm working on the plane. I keep the small one at home for working on the car.


Must have!

I use it every day and it protects your aircraft from the dirt and oil on the tools and from scratching the paint. I love it so much!


Time saver and increases efficiency!

I originally bought the trio pack for everyday use in a professional automotive shop. Shortly after I picked up a second trio pack because I love them! I keep two on my cart to organize bolts/parts and then typically use another or two on the car. Saves you a lot of time going from your cart back to the engine. Also helps not misplace any tools under the hood or on the wiper cowl. Increases your efficiency and keeps everything organized!