The Grypmat Trio

The world's most versatile tool tray set.

Revolutionize your workflow.

Protect your investment.


A Mechanics Best Friend

The Grypmat is a multi-purpose tool tray that will keep your tools and hardware in place, no matter where you want to put them.

medium grypmat
medium grypmat medium grypmat in use

Get ONE 8" x 12" Tool mat with two small compartments and a large field for hand tools.

The Medium Grypmat is designed to keep your hand tools together within proximity, such as under the hood or on top of a ladder.

Product Number: RFGM-CR02S

Small Grypmat


small grypmat
small grypmat small grypmat in use

Get ONE 6" x 12" Tool mat with six compartments for small fasteners. 

Never chase a runaway screw again the Small Grypmat is comprised of six compartments that will keep your hardware organized within arms reach!

Product Number: RFGM-CR03S





"We have found the large Grypmat to be an excellent tool caddy/platform when performing maintenance on helicopters. It helps prevent damage to painted fairings and cowlings."

– James M.

"It is terrifically designed and made. I particularly like the fact that parts don't slide around on it."

– Steve D.

"Awesome company to deal with. Grypmat is a must have for any serious maintenance professional."

– Austin S.

"The mats are super helpful working on top of the wings. My tools as well as the fasteners stayed in place, and I’m able to avoid any unwanted scratching in the bare aluminum. "

– Greg H.

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