Grypshon Industries Donates Grypmats to School Program and 2017 Graduates





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Milwaukee, WI – Grypshon Industries is proud to be able to contribute Grypmats to the graduating high school students and their program at East Ridge High School Auto Body in Clermont, Florida. This high school program has been part of numerous high profile car builds with two cars going to the SEMA show in Las Vegas in past years. This year, the graduating students have been working on a Grypmat display car for the 2017 SEMA show and will be leaving before the project is complete. Grypshon Industries showed their appreciation for all of the hard work done so far by giving these seniors each a large Grypmat to take to their next level of education. 




Some students plan to attend vocational and specialty automotive schools while some will attend college to study engineering. These students are passionate about the automotive field, and the Grypmat will help them develop into the next generation of automotive professionals.   

“We couldn’t be more proud to be part of these students’ education,” said Tom Burden, President of Grypshon Industries. “If we can help them become better automotive technicians by showing them a product that increases work flow and efficiencies, then we have done our job.” 

The Grypmat is designed to increase work flow and protect the project that each mechanic is working on. Training young mechanics the good habits of using a Grypmat will give them an advantage in their search for careers after school.

“We need young mechanics to recognize a new work flow that will give them the edge to succeed in the workplace,” stated Ray Ferreira, Director of Marketing and Motorsports. “In racing, we need every young mechanic to be aware of how to use their tools under pressure and time constraints, and teaching them early helps them develop faster.”  

Bill Barto is the instructor of the East Ridge High Auto Body class, and he had this to say about the Grypmat: “We got to test the Grypmat, and the students immediately got it. They started using it for placing the sanding tools on the roof of the car. We also really like the orange color, as it is easy to see all the hardware when we take off all the body parts. This is a great product and we want to thank Tom at Grypshon Industries for helping our program grow with this new Grypmat.”

The East Ridge High Auto body students will be working on a Nissan 350z display car simulator for this years SEMA show and it will be part of the Grypmat promotion at shows around the country.


ABOUT Grypshon Industries

Grypshon Industries was founded in 2013 by Tom Burden, an F-16 mechanic in the United States Air Force. Having spent over two years prototyping and testing, the Grypmat has received exceptionally positive feedback from mechanics and tool users in Aviation and Automotive. The Grypmat will next be on display at the World’s Biggest Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on July 24th. The Grypmat will debut in Automotive at this year’s SEMA Show on October 31st in Las Vegas. 

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