21 Best Tool Tray Organizers & Organized Toolboxes

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Are you constantly cursing your unorganized mess of a toolbox? Do you spend too much time looking for the tool you need only to realize it broke during transit? If you want to keep your tools and accessories easily accessible and secure, a tool tray organizer for your toolbox (or investing in a toolbox with organizational features already built in) will save you a lot of hassle!

Tool tray organizers have different compartments that make them convenient for storing and arranging your tools and accessories. Having all your tools organized in one place helps you to be more efficient while on the job or working on your latest project in your garage.

When selecting a toolbox organizer tray, it is important to choose one that will work well for your tools and accessories, as well as your work style.

Here is a list of some of the best tool tray organizers to help you narrow down your search:

Overall Best Tool Tray Organizers for Toolboxes

1.  Ernst Home & Garage Organizer Tray

ernst tool tray organizer

This ten-compartment toolbox organizer tray by Ernst is perfect if using small parts, like bolts or washers. The plastic trays are stackable and have compartments of various sizes to arrange all your tools conveniently, so you can easily access them whenever you want to.

The trays are meant to fit in standard toolboxes, but will also fit inside shallow drawers, which makes them ideal for home or garage organization.

2.  Madesmart 8-Piece Interlocking Bins

Madesmart Value 8-Piece Interlocking Bin Pack

This tool tray organizer has interlocking features for customizable, multi-purpose storage. It is a great solution for someone wanting to create their own organizational solution in a drawer or toolbox.

The Madesmart interlocking trays are made of high-quality, lightweight plastic material, however, depending on the projects you will be doing, you may want something a little more durable.

3. Stanley FATMAX Tool Box Organizer

Stanley FATMAX Tool Box Organizer

For an organizational solution that is easy to take with you on its own or store with your other larger tools, the Stanley FATMAX tool box organizer is a great option.

This organizer is designed for small parts and hardware that can easily get disorganized. It includes removable compartments and a durable lid that locks each compartment in place – so your parts stay organized. The lid is also impact-resistant and clear for easy viewing.

4. Tactix Hardware & Parts Organizer Set

Tactix Hardware & Parts Organizer Set

The Tactix organizer is great for storing home improvement supplies and tools of various sizes. The four-piece set comes with different sized organizers all with customizable dividers and trays that can be removed.

The set has a single large and deep box for bigger tools that has an organization tray on top. Plus, smaller trays to store your other tools and accessories. All of these are bundled together at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, this plastic toolbox organizer does not have handles, and therefore, you cannot easily carry your tools around, especially if they are heavy.

5. Grypmat Flexible Tool Tray Organizer

Of course, this list of best tool tray organizers isn’t complete without including Grypmat. The durable, yet flexible non-slip material allows you to use your Grypmat when working on a wide variety of projects without risking damage to your tools. Unlike many plastic tool organizer alternatives, this heavy-duty tray is heat resistant, easy to clean, and very strong.

Grypmats come in multiple sizes, compartment configurations, and colors. There is even a tray with a handle for those wanting to easily move it around while they work as well as chemical resistant options. Plus, every Grypmat comes with a lifetime warranty, so it really should be the last tool tray organizer you need!

Best Tool-Specific Organizers for Your Toolbox or Garage

6. Homak 12-Drawer Parts Organizer

 Homak 12-Drawer Parts Organizer

This tool organizer is a good option for smaller pieces of hardware. The Homak parts organizer has eight small drawers and four larger ones, all of which you can take out to easily organize your tools and accessories. The drawers are also clear for easy viewing of items and the plastic material is durable and lightweight. It can even be mounted on a wall, if you’d like.

7. B&C Home Goods Socket Organizer Tray

 B&C Home Goods Socket Organizer Tray

If you are a mechanic or find yourself needing sockets often for your personal projects, having a way to store and organize your sockets can keep you from needing to hunt for the right size. This socket organizer tray set will help to declutter your toolbox with stable and secure trays for your SAE and Metric sockets - all organized by size across a wide range.

8. Ernst Standard Wrench Organizer

 Ernst Standard Wrench Organizer

This simple, inexpensive tray is made specifically as a wrench organizer. It can hold up to 16 wrenches and can be used inside a toolbox or hung on a wall.

However, this plastic organizer doesn’t clip the wrenches in, so they can come off of it if shuffled around in your toolbox.

9. Tool Sorter Screwdriver Organizer

 Tool Sorter Screwdriver Organizer

If you use a lot of screwdrivers, this Tool Sorter product is the perfect solution to keeping them all organized. The tray has space for 16 screwdrivers, organized by long, short, stubby, and offset. There is also room for eight bits.

This tool organizer tray would work well inside your toolbox or a draw in your garage.

10. MLTOOLS Pliers & Cutters Organizer

  MLTOOLS Pliers & Cutters Organizer

With a non-slip rubber base, this durable tool tray is made specifically for organizing pliers or cutters. The tray can hold up to 10 items and firmly holds them in place. The open-face design of this plier rack allows you to see your tools easily. It works well in a drawer or toolbox.

11. Grypmat Magnetic Tool Box Organizer Widgets

Grypmat Magnetic Tool Box Organizer Widgets

For optimal organization, these widgets for wrenches or screwdrivers are made specifically to help organize your tool box. The modular and magnetic organizers allow you to customize how you want to use them and make it easy to pick the right tool for the job.

One wrenches widget kit comes with four doubles and two singles and can hold up to ten wrenches. And one screwdriver organizer widget kit comes with eight widgets and eight spacers.

12. Motorcycle Tool Roll Up Bag (or other hobby-specific organizer)

 Motorcycle Tool Roll Up Bag

If you have a specific interest or hobby you have certain gear for, having a way to keep those tools together and organized is ideal.

For example, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast and do your own repairs, investing in an organizer specific for motorcycle tools may be a smart idea to keep everything you need in one place. For more tips on what to include in your motorcycle tool kit, be sure to read this article!

Best Organized Toolboxes

13. Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box

 Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box

The Keter Masterloader rolling tool box has a large storage capacity with a lower section divided into sections for organizing bigger tools and six removable bins at the top for organizing smaller pieces of hardware. It is designed for professionals dealing with heavy-duty jobs or DIYers.

The large wheels on this toolbox organizer are coated with rubber, and therefore they move easily, even when filled with heavy tools or on rough terrains. Its durable and strong exterior is made from an all-weather resin which prevents rusting or denting.

The handles are retractable and extend, allowing you to pull the toolbox around easily. Its central locking mechanism ensures stability of tools while traveling, as well as security.

14. DEWALT Tstak Tool Box

 DEWALT Tstak Tool Box

This smaller toolbox by DEWALT has a base for larger tools and an easy-to-access storage compartment in the lid for organizing smaller hardware. It provides sturdiness for heavy tools and has a long handle to make carrying it more convenient. Metal latches are used in locking this device securely and both the latches and toolbox material are also resistant to rust.

It has organizers and dividers that make it easier to separate tools and store them in the available compartments.

15. Plano Contractor Grade Tool Box

 Plano Contractor Grade Tool Box

The Plano Contractor Grade tool box comes with multiple layers of storage trays for optimal organization and storage options, including extra-deep storage space for bigger tools. Its premium commercial-grade material makes it durable and ideal for job sites.

The toolbox comes with two removable trays (one standard and one deep), as well as two utility boxes for storing small items on the top. Its handle is reinforced to be very sturdy, making it easier for you to carry extra weight without any issues.

16. MILWAUKEE 26-inch Jobsite Tool Box

 MILWAUKEE 26-inch Jobsite Tool Box

A rugged organized toolbox that has ample space, although it looks small. The MILWAUKEE job site tool box is made to resist impact and protect against weather or various job site debris.

It is designed like a suitcase, making the most of the space available. Its corners are reinforced to ensure that the toolbox organizer's content and the whole body are well protected. It also has strong handles for a comfortable grip when carrying heavy tools and equipment.

17. Stalwart Heavy-Duty Rolling Toolbox

 Stalwart Heavy-Duty Rolling Toolbox

This sturdy rolling toolbox has a removable top tool organizer box as well as a deeper lower box. It is made of durable polypropylene and metal in order to keep your tools safe even in rough conditions, like construction sites. It also comes with cable hooks that help you keep cords and wires detangled.

Its sturdy handles give you the option to roll or carry the toolbox to your next work site, but they also have a fold-down feature to save on space when storing or transporting. The wheels are made of nylon, guaranteeing you easy rolling even on rough roads.

18. Keter Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box Organizer

 Keter Cantilever Plastic Portable Tool Box Organizer

This Keter toolbox is ideal for bringing with you on the job. The resin construction makes it durable and strong and will keep it from rusting or denting. This toolbox has a bigger bottom storage area and a top tray for smaller items organized into compartments with a locking lid.

Its convenient cantilever design allows you to easily raise or lower the top level tray to see all of your tools at once. The back legs offer support and stability when using the toolbox.

19. Plano Molding Stow N Go Toolbox

 Plano Molding Stow N Go Toolbox

Ideal for small tools or other gear, this Plano toolbox organizer has a very unique design with a series of trays that slide out to enable users to have an easier time when arranging their items. The drawer on the top has a separate locking system where you store and keep your tools safe.

Although it is made of plastic material, it is claimed to withstand cracking and impact.

20. GANCHUN Three-Layer Plastic Storage Tool Box

 GANCHUN Three-Layer Plastic Storage Tool Box

While not as durable as some of the other tool boxes, this three-layered tool box is great for storing a variety of smaller hardware or parts. Plus, it allows you to easily see what you are looking for with the smart, layered opening design.

The box is made of durable, high-quality plastic with frosted handles for better gripping. It is ideal to use for home repairs, projects, or hobbies.

21. Best Choice Products Rolling Tool Storage

 Best Choice Products Rolling Tool Storage

For those needing to store and organize tools in their garage or workspace, this rolling organizer has plenty of storage options available for tools of every size. The top drawer has a locking system where you can store the most valuable tools without worrying whether they will be secure or not. It also includes small and large drawers, trays, and a big bottom cabinet.

This high-quality toolbox is made of durable steel, making it pricier than others on this list. It is also made to be used as one piece or split into two, with the base having wheels for easy movement.


Whether through a combination of these best tool tray organizers or a pre-organized toolbox, investing in some ways to keep your tools organized and secure will save you money and hassle in the long run.

For the love of your tools, find them a nice home!