Help Us Re-Home Our 10mm Sockets!

The 10mm socket is largely regarded as a character out of folklore. Very few have seen it in real life, and those who claim to have seen the elusive 10mm socket always seem to ‘have lost it’ before they can show it to any others to prove its existence.

Grypmat 10mm socket in the woods   Grypmat 10mm socket in the woods


Amazingly, a team of very attractive, smart, and talented, researchers at Grypmat have discovered the 10mm sockets’ centuries-old hiding place and have moved many of them into a secure storage center. 


Piles of Grypmat 10mm sockets



Fast forward to present day, and unfortunately we’re running out of room for these 10mm’s at the storage center. We need to rehome them, and we’re asking you for your help. 



Grypmat 10mm socket in the home


If you are willing to take one of these 10mm sockets off of our hands, please post a picture of your Grypmat in action on your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #GrypMySocket.

This will help us confirm that the socket is going to a good home where it will be well taken care of. Your support in this re-homing effort is very much appreciated!


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