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Thank you so much for being a trusted Grypmat distributor. Ready to sell more? Here's everything you need to know to sell-through.

First, you can review our FAQ's so you're ready for any question

Be sure to watch our Sales Training Video below where we discuss common objections and features of the Grypmat, or you can watch it here.

Grypmat solves one of the biggest questions and concerns across maintenance industries:

"Where do you set your tools?"
Whether you're an aircraft, boat, or car mechanic, everyone needs to put their tools somewhere. Grypmat gives mechanics the ability to keep their tools in the engine bay of a car while still being visible, on the cowling of an aircraft without denting the paint job, and on the gunwale of a boat without rolling off and clunking into the water.

Before selling to all your awesome mechanic customers, especially in the auto industry, review these common objections and how to best respond.


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When selling, don't forget to show your customers our Shark Tank appearance! They'll love it. We find a lot of our customers love to support our entrepreneurial journey as well. You can watch our Shark Tank episode below, or at


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