Grypmat Team Saves a 2002 Volvo V70 | Day One.

All of us over at the Grypmat team are getting our hands dirty and bringing a 2002 Volvo V70 back to life!

The team is working to fix up a new ride, and we’re taking you along on our journey. 

Getting Ready

No one has driven this car in over a year, so our first step was to see if a battery replacement would at least get this car started again. Those of us at the site on Day One had practically no technical training, so what did we do? We brought an assortment of wrenches, ratchets, and sockets because we weren’t quite sure just what exactly we may need...

After laying out our small, medium, and large Grypmats around the project site, we were ready to get to work replacing a battery. 

The Job

Within minutes we realized we would need a 10-millimeter socket to help us remove our battery and get the job done. If we’ve learned anything from our automotive customers, it’s that we were grateful to have our Grypmats on hand to help us keep from losing our 10 mils!

As we worked on freeing the battery with our ratchet and 10 mil, we found the Small Grypmat really helpful for keeping our nuts, bolts, and washers organized.

We a few different wrenches first before we realized they weren’t going to help us get the job done. So we tossed them on our Medium Grypmat so when the job was done we wouldn’t forget where we left them. Our Large Grypmat kept all our tools in place and close to the job when we weren’t using them. Plus using our Grypmat gave us the peace of mind that they wouldn’t scratch or slip off of the fender. 

Once we had the battery loose and had checked the voltage to confirm it really was dead, we worked backward to install our new battery. We secured the battery in place, connecting the positive and then negative terminals. 


The Last Step

Finally, we were ready to turn the car on- the moment of truth!

We were relieved to hear the car start (mainly because we would have had no idea what to check next if a new battery wasn’t the fix!) Piling into the dog hair covered car, we took our new company vehicle out for a drive. 

As the team enjoyed a bit of time away from the office for a lunchtime drive around the block we started to notice a problem with our Volvo.

Around every right turn, our car would dip a bit. Great, we thought a battery would fix everything. Oh, how we are so wrong!

On the first guess, we’re thinking it could be an issue with the wheel or the axle. But we’re new to working on cars, so we would love your help and advice as we work through our team project.