How I Gryp: Michael & Jimmy

Some of our customers told us how their Grypmats helped them save time and make tasks easier in their everyday life.

Michael Saved Time Installing a Washer and Dryer

It was a Friday and I had just moved into my new apartment in a new city, and I didn’t know anyone, yet. My new apartment had hookups in the basement for a washer and dryer, so I brought mine from my old place. I was anxious to get them installed because I started at my new job on Monday, and I definitely needed to do a load of laundry before then unless I was going to be known as the "New Guy Who Smells" at work. 

It wouldn’t be too hard- I used to deliver, install, and even do light maintenance on washers and dryers a few years back.

It was easy enough to get the washer hooked up, but the dryer was a whole other beast that I wasn’t prepared for! 

The first thing I had to do was change the cord on the dryer because the new outlet was a three-prong and my dryer currently had a four-prong plug attached. So I ran upstairs to grab my drill and my Small and Medium Grypmats. 

I sat my Small Grypmat on top of the dryer and I was ready to get to work.

Using my drill, I took off the access panel and put the screws in one of the compartments of the Small Grypmat.

Next, I took out the screws that held the wire and connections in place. I kept those screws in another compartment in the Small so that I didn’t get them confused.

Finally, I removed the clamp that held the cord in place as it entered the machine and threw all the parts- the screws and clamps- into my Small Grypmat on top of the washer. It was easy enough to put the new cord in place and just grab all the parts I needed back out of my Small Grypmat

I didn’t have Grypmats at the time when I worked to install and service washers and dryers for my job, so when I set the small parts on top of the dryer, a lot of times they would fall into the cavity where the connections were screwed into place, and I would lose so much time trying to fish them out. I definitely appreciated the difference in having a Grypmat made!

The last step was to attach the vent to the access point at the window- usually a piece of cake! All I had to do was tighten the clamps that kept the vent connected to the dryer and to the window vent. But this time it was made a lot more difficult because the windowsill was sloped. Every time I set my tools down to use both my hands to readjust the clamp, all my tools kept rolling onto the floor!

It was pretty frustrating to keep having to interrupt my work to dig around in the tight space for my tools. Finally I had the brilliant idea to use my Medium Grypmat to help me keep my tools in place! It was perfect because even though the window sill was sloped, my Grypmat stayed in place and so did all my tools. I was able to finish up pretty quickly and enjoy the rest of the day in my new city!


Jimmy Safely Fixed a Kitchen Fiasco

My daughter had just moved into a new apartment in a new city for her first job. She told me a story about how she’d burnt something she’d been cooking in the oven earlier that week. When I teased her for getting off on the wrong foot with her new neighbors and setting off the smoke detector, she realized the smoke detector hadn’t gone off at all.

I didn’t like that!

The next time I went down for a visit, I brought a brand new smoke detector, my tools, and my Grypmats. 

I set up my ladder and placed my Medium Grypmat on the top, along with the smoke detector, the screwdriver, and fastener for the smoke detector. After I used my drill to make a hole for the screw, I put my drill down on my Grypmat with the peace of mind that it wouldn’t slip off the top of the ladder onto the floor. 

The screws and fasteners were securely in one of the compartments of the Grypmat.  Without my Grypmat I would have had to dig around in the plastic baggie they come in. But today, I didn’t have to worry about having to get off the ladder if they rolled onto the floor. 

It was a quick and easy task to get the smoke detector installed- but an important one! And my Grypmat made it even faster. We the alarm out so we know it works- but luckily my daughter tells me she hasn’t set it off since!


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