Grypmat - ACTE Product Donation

Grypmat is partnering with ACTE to support donations of the Grypmat Medium Pro to programs in ACTE's network. 


Grypmat Story

The Grypmat was invented by an Air Force mechanic as a solution to a real problem he was facing when trying to work on planes. The Grypmat was designed to keep his tools close by and organized when he was working in an unconventional spot (like- the wing of a plane!) that tool boxes and tool carts wouldn't reach. 

Now, Grypmats have helped mechanics in nearly every industry work more efficiently and effectively-whether it's on top of a ladder, under the hood of a car, or on a boat- Grypmats have been instrumental in optimizing workflows. 

Donation Form

Fill out the form below to be considered for a Medium Grypmat Pro product donation. Only the Medium Grypmat Pro is available to be donated. Products are donated on an as-needed basis as we have a limited quantity of product available for donation.