Best Gifts for Mechanics and Tinkerers

best gifts for mechanics

Summer is rapidly approaching which can only mean one’s almost time to celebrate Father’s Day! This can be one of the toughest holidays to shop for because it is always so hard to pick the perfect gift. Plus, you know the special guys in your life are probably sick of getting socks or ties year after year.

This year you’ve probably promised yourself that you are going to do better. You are going to get that special guy in your life something that he will really want and use. Well, if your number one dad is a mechanic, we have some excellent ideas for you!

Peruse this list, and you will have your gift items picked out and headed your way in mere minutes. So much better than all the hours of shopping you had to do last year, right?

What Kinds of Gifts Can You Expect Here?

We understand that not everyone has the same budget which is why we have compiled a list full of gifts for auto mechanics that cover a wide array of prices. You will also find that the gift ideas are fairly varied and attempt to be useful. You won’t find any lame coffee mugs or joke t-shirts that will sit in the back of the closet until they get sent to the thrift store.

These ideas are cool gifts for the mechanic dads that you know and love. (Pro Tip: Hang on to this list, and you will have your special mechanic’s Christmas gifts lined up too!)


Gifts for Mechanics Under $50

Small Grypmat


Talk about useful gifts for mechanics! This 6” x 12” flexible tool mat has six compartments to keep all the little nuts and bolts secure. Your guy won’t have to worry about chasing down runaway screws ever again because those bad boys will stay exactly where they belong: within hand’s reach. The material of this tool mat has a unique chemistry that makes it stay exactly where he puts it. It won’t slip or fall. Yet, it is still super easy to pick up and move to the next spot. You can find the Small Grypmat here.

Brush Hero Wheel Brush

For the car enthusiast that loves to keep their wheel rims clean and shiny, the Brush Hero is the perfect addition to their detail kit. All you need to do is connect it to your hose and let the brush do all the dirty work of getting in those tough to reach corners where dirt and grime build up. You can get the Brush Hero here.

Field Notes Notebook

Field Notes notebook

Get the mechanic in your life a Field Notes notebook for jotting down all the important things he needs to remember or measurements they take. This book has a sturdy cover and a sewn-in binding which means it will be super durable, even if he is shoving it in his back pocket all day. You can pair this notebook with a fancy pen that is engraved with his name for a cool package deal that he is sure to love. You can find the Field Notes Notebook here.

Grip Clean - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Grip Clean | Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

If your special guy is a mechanic, then you know exactly how grimy his hands can be after a long day at work. This hand scrub uses all natural dirt, among other ingredients to get those hands clean. You can find the Grip Clean here.


Wsiiroon LED Flashlight

This ultra-bright flashlight will help him take a look under the hood even in the dark of night. The Wsiiroon CREE XML-T6 LED Flashlight has five different light modes, and it can be used inside or outside. It is rust resistant, and it can handle being dropped or tossed in a toolbox. The exterior is water resistant which means it will hold up even in the rain or the snow. He can use it to light up a large area, but the flashlight is compact enough to slip into his pocket. You can find the Wsiiroon CREE XML-T6 LED Flashlight here.

ReadeREST Eyeglasses Holder

ReadeREST glasses holders are great for those scenarios where your mechanic friend needs a place to put their readers during the day of working and reading out measurements. If losing or breaking glasses are a problem, the ReadeREST could make for the perfect gift for him. You can find ReadeREST here.

Venture Gear Sunglasses

venture gear tactical semtex safety glasses

These sunglasses are certified safety glasses that are able to pass the High-Velocity Impact Standards, and they still manage to be lightweight and look good. The rubber nosepiece is custom-fit to help maintain comfort even when wearing them for the majority of the day. They are scratch-resistant, so even if they get tossed around on the workbench, he won’t notice a thing. There are three lens options: clear, bronze, or forest gray. You can find these Venture Gear Tactical Semtex 2.0 Safety Shooting Glasses here.

Personalized Piston Key Ring

Your mechanic is sure to love this unique gift idea. The key ring can be personalized to feature his initial or it can be left blank if you’d rather. It is a fun gift that should be right up his alley if he loves working on cars, boats, airplanes, and more. The keyring is made of aluminum and stainless steel, and it totals 40 millimeters in length. You can find the Personalized Piston Key Ring here.

Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks

Before you start worrying that socks make a super boring gift, you need to understand more about this particular pair of socks. The Darn Tough John Henry Boot Cushion Socks will be your guy’s new favorites every day of the year. These socks are made of a performance fit material that won’t slip or bunch, and it has a wicking action that will keep the sweat away from his skin all day long. The fibers are extremely breathable, and they have nearly undetectable seams for maximum comfort. They come in a couple of colors, so you can match them to his preferred work attire, but don’t be surprised if he starts wearing them when he isn’t at work as well! You can find these Darn Tough John Henry Boot Cushion Socks here.

Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making Kit

Nothing quite quenches the thirst at the end of a long day of work like an ice cold beer unless you happen to have an ice cold beer that you made all by yourself on hand. Your guy will enjoy becoming his very own brewmaster with this at-home brewing kit. It comes with step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients and tools he will need to make his own frothy ales. You can find the Mr. Beer Beer Making Kit here.

Sennheiser Sports Ear Hook Headset

It never hurts to have a good pair of headphones lying about even if you already have two or three pairs. It always seems that you can never find them when you actually want to use them like when trying to watch a video when everyone else is asleep! These Sennheiser headphones have a smart remote, and they are compatible with most Android devices. They block out a lot of the ambient noise so that your guy can hear his videos loud and clear. The oval shape of the cables helps keep them from getting too tangled, and they even come with a two-year warranty. You can find the Sennheiser Sports Ear Hook Headset here.


Gifts for Mechanics Under $75

Exotic Jerky Tool Box

This is one of those fun gifts that will give him a laugh, but it is also full of a delicious snack that he is sure to love. The cardboard toolbox has a treat inside: fourteen different kinds of specialty beef jerky! Your guy will find alligator jerky, buffalo jerky, elk jerky, wild boar jerky, and several other interesting flavors to snack on during the job. Some of them are spicy and some are sweet to satisfy all of his jerky cravings. You can find the Exotic Jerky Tool Box here.

Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor

This Pancake Air Compressor has an oil-free design which means your mechanic won’t have to do as much maintenance. The flat design of the compressor gives it a low profile which means it is extra stable, and it gives him all the power he will need to inflate, nail, staple, or do other chores. All of the gauges are easy to read, and it has thermal overload protection.

Medium Grypmat

Just like the Small Grypmat we mentioned in the previous section, the Medium Grypmat is truly a useful tool for mechanics. This larger version (8” x 12”) has two small compartments and one larger compartment that will hold hand tools. It may be a good fit for the mechanic that works on larger vehicles like larger diesel pickup trucks or commercial fleet vehicles. Another great feature of this item is the fact that you can use it to put tools in a handy spot on top of the vehicle without worrying about scratching any paint. You can find the Medium Grypmat here.

DeWalt 84pc Mechanics Tool Set

Your favorite mechanic will love getting his hands on this 84 piece tool set on Father’s Day. It contains a wide array of tools that he will need to complete many tasks, and it all comes inside a very durable case with metal latches. There is a 72-tooth ratchet that has a 5-degree arc which allows him to maneuver in tight places, and the screwdriver has an anti-slip grip that is very comfortable on the hand. You can find the DeWalt 84 pc Mechanics Tool Set here.

Black & Decker Alligator Looper Electric Chain Saw

Your guy will love this innovative little bit of machinery. The Alligator Looper can grab and cut things with one simple motion, and it has a heavy-duty cutting power that can go through four inches at once. This is an electric chain saw that comes with an oil bottle and a wrench, he will have to supply the power. You can find the Black & Decker Alligator Looper Electric Chain Saw here.


    Gifts for Mechanics Under $100

    Large Grypmat

    We’ve covered the small and the medium sizes, but now you can meet the Large Grypmat which clocks in at 12”x 22”. This handy helper has four small compartments and one extra-large compartment that can hold large hand tools. It is meant for the more involved jobs on the bigger machines. Your diesel mechanics and semi mechanics will find this mat especially helpful. Plus, when your guy gets done using it, he can roll it up and store it away with ease. You can find the Large Grypmat 12”x 22” here.

    Old Bull Leather Belt

    If your guy is like most dads we know, then he probably settles for the cheapest version of a belt he can find at Walmart or Target. As long as it holds his pants up, then it is suitable. Yet, those cheap belts never seem to hold up for very long, right? Why not get him a really nice leather belt that can take some abuse at work but will still hold up strong for the long haul. This Old Bull Leather Belt is made of tough leather that is extra thick. In fact, it could be used as a holster belt if needed. It comes in various sizes starting at 32 inches and moving up to 44 inches. You can find the Old Bull Leather Belt here.

    BlueDriver Bluetooth Scan Tool

    Not all mechanics do their work at the shop. Some of those repairs get completed in the home garage which makes the Blue Driver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone and Android so necessary. This machine can be used to help diagnose the problem, and all he will need to get it going is his personal smartphone. It is licensed and certified to be used with both Apple and Android devices, and it is ASE Certified. You can find the BlueDriver Bluetooth Scan Tool here.

    Torin Creeper Shop Seat

    This is one of those perfect gifts for mechanics and you will be happy that we have included it on our list. This Torin Creeper Shop Seat has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, and it has a chrome-plated frame made of steel with a soft foam seat. There is a tray with two compartments underneath to help hold a few tools, and it is on wheels which means he can zip around the garage without ever leaving his seat. This Creeper Shop Seat even comes with a cup holder on the side, so he doesn’t have to forget where he put his cup of coffee. You can find the Torin Creeper Shop Seat here.

    REYLEO 21-Quart Cooler

    This handy-dandy cooler can keep ice in solid form for up to five days which means it will definitely keep his lunch and drinks cool while he is at the shop all day. Plus, it is built tough which makes it an ideal cooler for tailgating, fishing, or camping. This cooler has all the cool features like a bottle opener, cup holders, and low-profile latch that won’t snag on his pants while he carries it around. You can find the REYLEO Cooler here.

      Gifts for Mechanics Under $300

      Stanly Electric Pressure Washer

      Your guy will love having his very own pressure washer whether he decides to take it to his shop or uses it around the house. The Stanley SHP 2150 PSI Electric Pressure Washer has a spray gun, a wand, a hose, and a high-pressure foam cannon to get everything sparkling clean. You will appreciate it when he uses it to spruce up the garage or the patio, and he will love how easy it makes ticking off the items on his “honey-do” list. You can find the Stanley Electric Pressure Washer here.

      Jord Wooden Watch

      A nice watch not only lets your favorite dad keep track of the time, but it also offers him a little bit of timeless style. The Jord Frankie Koa & Ash watch definitely offers huge points in the style category. The band is 18 mm thick, and it is made from hand-finished koa wood that has been treated with tung oils. The face is a sapphire crystal glass that looks sleek and modern against the cinnamon colored wood band. This watch isn’t really meant for the shop, but it is a very masculine accessory for those off-duty hours. You can find the Jord Frankie Koa & Ash Watch here.

      Trio Grypmat Pack

      If you can’t decide which size Grypmat would be best for the mechanic dad in your life, why not go with all three? This three-pack of Grypmats comes with one small, one medium, and one large. He will be able to keep all his tools, large and small, exactly where he needs them all day long. You can find the Grypmat Trio Pack here.

      WhistlePig 15yr Straight Rye Whiskey

      If you are looking for unique gifts for mechanics, you may want to consider getting a really nice bottle of whiskey. This complex Whistlepig Straight Rye Whiskey has caramel and vanilla flavors, and it is finished in Vermont Oak barrels. It is a rather pricy bottle of whiskey, not something he would likely buy for himself. However, if your mechanic is a whiskey drinker, he will definitely appreciate the gesture. You can find the WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey here.

      Leatherman Free P4 Multipurpose Tool

      All of the guys in your life are sure to love this multipurpose tool created by Leatherman. It has 21 useful tools all neatly tucked into a stainless steel case that folds down to a mere 4/25 inches. Inside, your guy will find needle nose pliers, wire cutters, a serrated knife, a pry tool, a can opener, and many more useful tools. Plus, the product is backed with a 25-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. You can find the Leatherman Multipurpose Tool here.

        Gifts for Mechanics Under $1,000

        Secretlab Omega Leather Ash Gaming Chair

        No gifts for mechanic dads list would be complete without adding a gift that can be used for playing video games, right? Well, when you purchase your favorite dad this Secretlab Omega Leather Ash Gaming Chair, you can give him a gift that does double duty. It can be used as a very comfortable desk chair when he is busy doing the administrative part of running a mechanic shop, but it can also be used for when it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a few minutes of gaming time. You can find the Secretlab Gaming Chair here.

        Acr’teryx Beta LT Jacket

        A guy can never own too many good-quality jackets, and this versatile GORE-TEX jacket is super lightweight and durable. It is likely to become his absolute favorite because it offers full coverage without limiting movement. Plus, it is suitable for a wide range of activities. It comes in a wide range of colors, so you are sure to find one that suits his style preference perfectly. You can find the Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket here.

          Gifts for Mechanics $1,000+

          Wilton Tool Truck Vise Hitch2Bench 4-Pack

          These guys will come in handy because they can go anywhere. The Wilton Tool Truck Hitch2Bench 4-pack gives you a vise that can fit securely on a standard hitch receiver, but it can also be mounted on a trailer or even a bench with the mounting bracket which is included. They are super durable and dependable, and the height is perfect because it won’t interfere with the bed of the truck. You can find the Wilton Tool Truck Vise Hitch2Bench 4-pack here.


          Did You Find Something Useful?

          We hope this Father’s Day gift guide for mechanics helped you find the perfect item for all of the special guys in your life. There are plenty of things on here that he can use while working on a vehicle while working around the house, or while out having a little bit of fun.

          If this gift guide made it easier to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your special dad, we hope you will consider sharing it with your friends to help them with their Father’s Day shopping as well!